Hydrovac excavation services, also known as hydro vacuum excavation or hydro excavation, is the leading soft dig and non-destructive excavation technology. It is a safer and faster method of excavation compared to manual or mechanical excavation methods, making it the preferred choice for many industries.


Hydrovac excavation uses high-pressure water to move soil while simultaneously vacuuming it into a storage container on the truck. The soil is then easily moved offsite or to another location. This technology is far more accurate than manual or mechanical excavation methods, and is less destructive. 

JT Nelson Sewer & Drain uses Adler’s state-of-the-art Hydrovac truck technology for  safe, reliable, and efficient vacuum excavation. Adler’s hydro-vac trucks do not leverage any mechanical means to excavate debris, reducing the possibility of damage to fragile underground infrastructure.

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Hydrovac excavation can be the most cost-effective way to dig. Completing a job by using hydro excavation saves time, in turn saving you money. 

The dual process, digging and vacuuming, is what makes hydro excavation so efficient. Without vacuum excavation, the time to dig would then be followed by time to move debris into a dump tank to discard of the remains. Often times, the debris tanks are too small and require frequent trips to dump the sediment. Hydro excavation is around ten times faster than traditional digging methods, requiring less time on the job and a quicker return to daily activities.

Hydrovac excavation is by far the safest method of digging. Without hydrovac technology, the process of excavation consists of dry digging using tools, equipment, or even explosives. This process for excavation can leave a large margin for error, including but not limited to: cave ins, falls and falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, or even cause damage to utility lines. Conversely, hydrovac excavation reduces the possibility of such hazards, and the extension coming directly from the hydrovac truck to emit water, and precise digging techniques, minimizes the possibility for unsafe circumstances.

Hydrovac excavation is also considered environmentally friendly due to the lack of damage to the surrounding area. Additionally, the excavation process by means of water (or in certain cases air) is performed consciously, emitting only enough water to reach the desired depth. Water itself is a non-hazardous byproduct of the process.


Plumbing, sewer systems, and piping are generally found underground. The only way to access a piece of the system would be to dig to it. The process of hydro excavation allows for digging that will not cause damage to the pipes below. This technique grants quick and easy access through hydro excavation for utilities below ground; for routine maintenance or to fix an emergency concern.

JT Nelson Sewer and Drain is proud to offer hydrovac services to our customers in Sidney, Maine, and the surrounding areas. Our hydrovac excavation services use high-pressure water to safely and efficiently dig through soil, while simultaneously vacuuming it into a storage container on the truck. This allows for a non-destructive excavation process, minimizing the risk of damage to underground utilities and infrastructure.

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Hydrovac excavation technology has revolutionized the way excavations are carried out, making it faster, safer, and more cost effective than traditional excavation methods. 

Our new state-of-the-art hydro-vac truck, expertly trained personnel, and commitment to safety and efficiency make JT Nelson Sewer and Drain in Sidney, ME, the best choice for any hydrovac excavation project. 

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