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JT Nelson handles draining grease lines, sewer lines, and routine maintenance issues for residential and commercial properties. We however do not offer septic or pumping services. Located in Sidney, ME, we also service residential homes and commercial businesses in need of emergency assistance with sewer and drain issues. Our sewer line video inspection narrows down the problem allowing our high powered hydro jetting nozzles to clear up blockages. Our top of the line pieces of equipment and our vast experience makes us the right call for troublesome grease blockages or built-up debris. When it comes to your work, it’s crucial to avoid problematic issues like a backed-up drain.


During the winter months, it can be incredibly tricky having to navigate frozen pipes, and here at JT Nelson, our specialty is getting you back to work safely and efficiently. Being at home and having the drains backed up can also make for an unpleasant day. For people that work from home, our septic and jetting services can keep you productive. There is no need for our clients to worry about their home or business because we care and understand the importance of maintaining our projects’ stability.


Frozen lines in the wintertime may also pose a threat, so we also repair lines to protect them through the problematic colder months. Our equipment is meant to handle the toughest blockages and maintain critical diagnostic analysis. Our clients need to know that whenever a problem arises, we can handle the situation promptly. Having the peace of mind to know JT Nelson has your drainage and septic issues taken care of truly pays for Itself. Our employees have homes and take full care to be as accurate and professional as possible. We know that running a household or a commercial business is challenging without the added stress of sewer line and drainage repair. When it’s come to your work or home, call on JT Nelson to deliver fast and timely services for any drainage issues that can arise.

We currently service businesses in Augusta, Waterville, Fairfield, Richmond, Boothbay, Phippsburg, Bath, Woolwich, Jackman, Carrabassett Valley and many more.  

Septic and Excavator work in Kennebec
Septic and Excavator work in Kennebec
kennebec me septic work
residential septic services

Residential Services

If your home's sewer line or drain line is backed up or damaged, we can come in to access and solve the problem. In need of routine maintenance for your sewer and drain lines — we have that covered too!

commercial septic services

Commercial Services

Our sewer and drain line systems can get backed up, especially in the commercial industry. Businesses do not have time to stop their services for these emergent issues. We fix the problem so you can keep running.

sewer camera

Sewer Camera

To assess your drainage or sewer line issue accurately, or for sewer and drain inspection needs for various reasons, our sewer and drain line video-inspection-camera sees all. We have the right equipment in hand!

frozen drain lines

Frozen Lines

Frozen pipes or winter damage are just a few problems we specialize in fixing. As a Maine business, we have vast experience with this common, occurring issue and can help you quickly or assist in avoiding the problem!

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