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J.T. Nelson Sewer and Drain LLC, is local in Sidney, ME. We offer residential services for homes across the state of Maine, including Augusta, Waterville, Fairfield, Richmond, Boothbay, Harpswell, Southport, Bristol, Phippsburg, and more! We provide many beneficial services including leach bed rejuvenation, and drainage repair for all seasons. We however do not offer septic or pumping services. We pride ourselves on our skills and ensure we can fix your sewer or drain issue efficiently and correctly. We understand the stress involved when something goes wrong with your home, which is why we are available 24/7 for any issues that may arise regarding your residential home. With the help of our sewer cameras and top of the line technology, J.T. Nelson can make finding the problem easy and efficient.

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How We Can Help At J.T. Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC

 We specialize in the inspection of residential main lines and line locations. We will clear sewage, sediment and ice-clogged drain and sewage lines including both inlet and outlet lines. Let us handle root blockage, leach bed cleaning and rejuvenation. Our sewer well-casing camera inspections are perfect for preventative maintenance and diagnosing any issues in your sewer, drains, or pipes. We will clear the water lines from house to wellhead and ensure your systems are safe and operating efficiently. 

We are your reliable, go-to experts for all of your sewer drain line needs. J.T. Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC is available 24/7 in Fairfield, Waterville, Augusta, Boothbay, Harpswell, Phippsburg, Bristol, Southport, and much more! You can trust us with everything from routine maintenance to grease line and sewer emergencies. We also offer sewer camera services to aid in maintenance and diagnostics, grease trap cleaning, jetting services and so much more!

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Never deal with another backed up sewer or burst pipe mess again! We’ve been lucky enough to expand our services to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to sit back, and relax while we handle the mess!

What Customers are Saying About us!

“As a licensed plumber I have contracted work out with J.T. Nelson many times, he is always very reliable and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done”

– Eben with Augusta Natural Gas

Contact J.T. Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC today! We take pride in being there for our customers when you need us the most, and strive to always be as reliable as possible! Offering a variety of both residential and commercial services, there is no problem we can’t fix!

commercial septic services

Commercial Services

Our team is knowledgeable about commercial drainage repair. Contact J.T. Nelson Sewer and Drain LLC today. We are available 24/7 to ensure you can keep your business running smoothly.

sewer camera

Sewer Camera

Sewer line video inspection is our solution to diagnosing any sewer and drainage problems. We offer services to commercial and residential customers requiring blockage removal in their sewage systems. Contact us today!

frozen drain lines

Frozen Lines

Winters in Maine can be very hash. JT Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC keeps you flowing through the freeze, whether it be your business or home. Be prepared for the cold winter months by scheduling prevention help or maintenance!

our work in Central Maine

Our Work

JT Nelson Sewer & Drain is always working hard for our local businesses and communities. We handle grease and sewer lines, as well as routine maintenance issues for both commercial and residential customers.

Need Low Impact Excavation?

Along with our new cleanup services, we are also offering low impact excavation! These techniques are innovative, and crucial in this quickly growing industry. Trust the crew at J.T Nelson to easily help you navigate any obstacle.

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Let JT Nelson know how we can help you. Whether you need help draining grease lines and sewer lines, or need assistance with frozen pipes, we’re here to help. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have!