Low Impact Excavation

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Innovating Low-Impact Excavation

J.T. Nelson is proud to announce an expansion of our outstanding services! Throughout our work in rescuing Mainers from sewer and drain line emergencies, we’ve become aware of a need for discreet, low impact excavation techniques. In this line of work, we often run into fixtures on the property—like a strict fence line or a porch on a summer camp—that a handyman just can’t move around. Maybe you’re a general contractor working on a high-end commercial project and have run into similar issues, or simply need to hide the fact any excavating was done. In the past, and for many other companies, these obstacles have to be torn apart, or another (typically more expensive) route is found. Investing in the right equipment and training enables J.T. Nelson to be a step ahead of the competition as you decide how to deal with your next drainage catastrophe.

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Choosing us to get the job done right the first time comes with a few guarantees:

  • Honest and Reliable Crew
  • Day or Night Service
  • Transparent, Easy to Understand Invoices
  • Attention to Detail
  • State of the Art Equipment

How we get it Done

The recipe to success in leaving little to no evidence behind is partly equipment fit for the job, and the remainder—having an eye for potential mistakes. Our crew at J.T. Nelson is hand selected as a vetted part of the team based on if we’d trust their work on our own homes. There are many names to choose from when searching for low impact excavation, and our only goal is to be at the top of every personal recommendation! We believe our work speaks for itself in both the quality of service and business integrity of J.T. Nelson.

residential septic services

Calling All Home Owners!

J.T. Nelson offers a wide range of sewer and drain services, including newly added low impact excavation and basement flood cleaning! We want to be your first call when any plumbing emergency arises this winter. Frozen pipes can put a halt on any plans you had, and potentially your bills! We own homes ourselves and put the same care into the future of yours as we take in ours.

commercial septic services

Serving Your Business

Our goal when working with general contractors on commercial jobs or directly with a business owner is to assure you we can help! Whether you've got a high-end job and need low impact excavation services or tight access to a line, J.T. Nelson has the expertise and equipment to get it done. We're in the business of keeping your business operating. See what else we can do to help your livelihood!

sewer camera

Protecting Your Investment

Wouldn't you love just to shine a flashlight down the drain and see however far you needed to find the problem? J.T. Nelson can help, using our advanced sewer camera! We send our lighted camera lens in to detect exactly where the problem is to determine the necessary fix. Just bought a home? Congrats! Let us give you peace of mind in knowing you've seen the pipes yourself and expect longevity from them!

our work in Central Maine

What We Can Do For You

Maine carries its' small-town feel all throughout. Based in Sidney, J.T. Nelson works within our hometown and yours. We take pride in serving all Maine communities just as we would our neighbors, 24/7. We know an emergency doesn't wait until convenient business hours, so save our number and save time searching when the inevitable drainage hiccup happens during the holidays.

Maine Winters

The harsh reality of living in Maine is the cold temperatures and snow for a long stretch every year. Luckily we can bundle up and find ourselves some winter activities to bare it, but the damage these conditions cause to sewer and drain pipes can be extensive. Frozen pipes more often than not lead to cracked or ruptured pipes, and J.T. Nelson is equipped and trained to deal with these emergencies. Day or night, we’re here.

Get in Touch With J.T. Nelson

Our phones are always on and monitored! No emergency has ever happened at the perfect time that’s convenient for all involved. Calling J.T. Nelson when you or your business is in need of ruptured pipe repair is the first step in disaster recovery. We care as much about your property as we do about ours. Having us in your contacts cuts out the panic of finding a reputable service company in the middle of the night!