Dealing with your sewer and grease lines might not be high on your list, but it’s number one on J.T. Nelson’s in Sidney, ME! J.T. Nelson is available 24/7; in this line of work, the issues do not always arise during regular business hours, and many sewer drain lines and grease line issues just will not wait until the next day. Call us any time, day or night, for your trustworthy, local commercial and residential sewer and drain jetting service right here in Central Maine!

Welcome to J.T. Nelson Sewer and Drain LLC!

We are your reliable local expert for all your sewer drain line needs in Augusta, Waterville, Fairfield, Richmond, Boothbay, Phippsburg, Harpswell, Southport, Bristol, and more. Put your trust in us for everything from routine maintenance to sewer and grease line emergencies. We can ensure your sewer drain line systems are operating at peak performance with routine and timely scheduled maintenance to encourage the appropriate breakdown of waste and a healthy flow into drainage fields. If the waste flow has already been compromised and is backing up into your home and drainage field, we can quickly take care of the problem. We are available, 24/7! We also offer jetting, sewer camera services, grease trap cleaning, and much more. Call J.T. Nelson Sewer and Drains, LLC, for all of your sewer drain line and grease line needs!

Sewer Camera Services


  • Specializing in sewer, drain, and pipeline inspections!
  • We are trained and knowledgeable in working with this helpful tool.
  • This equipment is a small camera that is inserted in pipes, drains, and sewer lines.
  • This is useful for inspections, recordings, diagnosing problems, assists in fixing them.
  • The camera allows us to locate and record the problem quickly.
  • The faster we pinpoint the problem, the faster we can get it fixed for you.
  • Offering well casing inspections with our sewer camera.


  • Clear grease clogging and blockages in septic lines
  • Clear grease trap
  • High powered jetting
  • Clear ice blockages
  • Sewer camera inspections
  • Works well with other companies to fully assist with your needs
J.T. Nelson Service Truck
our work on septic services


  • Specializes in the inspection of main lines
  • Line location
  • Clear sewage and ice-clogged drain lines
  • Both inlet and outlet lines
  • Root blockage
  • Leech bed rejuvenation and cleaning
  • Clear sediment and ice clogged water lines
  • Clear the water lines from house to wellhead
  • Perform sewer camera inspections of well-casing


“As a licensed plumber I have contracted work out with J.T. Nelson many times, he is always very reliable and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done” – Eben with Augusta Natural Gas


JT Nelson, located in Central Maine, takes great measures to ensure your sewer lines and septic systems are in top working order. JT Nelson is an excellent solution for businesses that can’t afford to shut their doors when a problem arises. Since adding our excavator, we can take greater care of people’s homes and businesses when doing repairs. Other companies may leave an area, or your property destroyed to reach the issue. JT Nelson avoids these hiccups by being precise and careful processes and working to keep your property looking good. Our sewer camera is a fantastic diagnostic tool, used to see exactly what problems have taken place and know how to fix the problem correctly.

Completed projects

Servicing Augusta, Waterville, Fairfield, Richmond, Boothbay, Phippsburg, Harpswell, Southport, Bristol and more! We pride ourselves on being there when you need us and strive always to be reliable. We offer a variety of services for both homes and businesses.

Why choose J.T. Nelson Sewer and Drain?

  1. Knowledgeable. We are up-to-date and skilled in locating and fixing your sewer drain line and grease line problems. We know how to get the job done right and fixed the first time.
  2. Dependability. We are available 24/7. We pride ourselves on always being there when you need us and never letting you down. Call us whenever you need us!
  3. Quality. We complete our work thoroughly and correctly the first time around, so it will last. We only use top-quality equipment.
  4. Versatility. We can service both at home and business. We understand the stress a sewer drain line problem at your home can cause. We understand the need to keep your business running smoothly and will be there to solve any issues that may arise in either area.

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