Frozen Sewer and Water Lines

Winter and its troubles are arriving here in Maine, be prepared for issues from frozen sewer drain lines with help from  J.T. Nelson!


Like you, J.T. Nelson knows that here in Maine, the harsh winter months can cause issues for you and your home. Frozen lines especially are difficult and time-consuming issues. It is a smart plan to be aware of what temperature drops can do to your sewer drain lines, grease lines, and pipes. Keeping your water lines clear of sediment buildup from house to wellhead can prevent clogged and frozen lines.

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Avoid winter-related sewer Drain Lines or pipe problems with these tips from J.T. Nelson in Sidney, ME

  • Schedule maintenance or prevention help with us ahead of winter temperatures
  • Let us ensure your sewer and drain lines are not to shallow in the ground
  • Let us ensure your drain line is pitched properly
  • Fix all leaking faucets or areas of continuous water source (i.e., furnace condensation)
  • Maintain regular sewer line use to generate heat in the lines during temperature drops
  • Take extra precaution with vacation or “second” homes that have less frequent use
  • Consider adding tank insulation in your home’s pipes
  • Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you think you have a problem
  • Let us help keep your water lines clear; the minimum diameter for water lines is 1″, anything less may result in clogged sediment and issues with thawing


Know the signs of a frozen line problem and know who to call immediately. If left for too long, a simple problem can become a big one, leading to backed-up waste and even broken pipes. J.T. Nelson is proud to serve our customers and available 24/7 for your sewer and drainage needs. We have the proper equipment to deal with flushing frozen sewer drain lines. Our burner will warm your water up to 150 degrees to flush lines efficiently and safely. We have the experience and knowledge to help you and are available whenever you need us!

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Your house's sewer and drainage system are important to you and important to us. If you’re having sewer or septic issues, we’re here to help. We work to give you peace of mind in your sewer and drain lines.

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Don’t let sewer and drain concerns slow down your business success. Frozen lines in the winter can affect business. We work to fit any commercial sewer or drain issue.

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Seeing is believing, and our sewer line video inspection cameras will solve the problem. The equipment we employ ensures a job well done.

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In our hometown and beyond, JT Nelson works with homes and businesses all around Central Maine and takes pride in the work we do.

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