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J.T. Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC is located in Sidney, ME. We are available to businesses across the state of Maine. We currently service businesses in Augusta, Waterville, Fairfield, Boothbay, Harpswell, Southport, Bristol, Phippsburg and many more. We specialize in preventative maintenance, frozen line repair, commercial and residential services as well as the use of sewer cameras for diagnosing problems not visible on the surface. We understand the stress involved in running a business, and that you simply don’t have the extra time to deal with these problems when they arise. You can trust J.T. Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC to solve these problems so you can focus on the work at hand. and in our line of work, we know that a problem that might affect your business operations just cannot wait. Call us day or night when something goes wrong; we are available 24/7 for any issues you may encounter.

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Let J.T Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC Help Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

We offer quality services to commercial businesses in the state of Maine. We will clear any grease clogging and blockages in your septic line, as well as clear grease traps. We use high end technology including high-powered jetting and sewer cameras, which help us diagnose issues within your drains, pipes, and sewer lines. We work extremely well with companies to assist in every way and ensure their satisfaction. The winter months can be tough on businesses, but with J.T Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC, we have you covered. Frozen lines are time-consuming and something no business owner wants to deal with. Schedule preventative maintenance today to ensure your sewer and drain lines aren’t too close to the ground, and that your drain line is pitched properly.

How We Can Help

JT Nelson has what it takes to get commercial services to your doorstep. For complicated issues, our sewer camera is perfect for advanced diagnostics to better solve the problem you may have.


Our excavation equipment is also in our toolbox to navigate tight areas in your yard or the lawn on your property. We appreciate the need to be careful when working on your commercial service needs.

Basement, Septic & Water Damage!

We know how stressful it is when issues arise regarding your sewer or pipes, and it’s even worse when it leads to a big mess. You can trust the team at J.T Nelson to safely dispose of any biohazards or mess left behind from a cracked pipe or backed-up sewer.

Contact J.T Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC today to schedule maintenance or a routine inspection to keep your business running at top condition. We’re available for you and your company 24/7, and whenever emergencies arise. You can trust us for all your sewer and drain line needs.

residential septic services

Residential Services

If your residential property or home is experiencing sewer and drain issues, our technicians are ready and willing to help you quickly and efficiently take care of the problem. Click below to see how we can help.

sewer camera

Sewer Camera

A great way to know exactly what may be causing a drainage issue is using sewer line video inspection to identify the problem. We use top of the line equipment to carefully inspect your system and diagnose any issues.

frozen drain lines

Frozen Lines

Many Mainers have unfortunately dealt with frozen pipelines over the years. JT Nelson knows precisely how best to help when winter gets tough. Schedule preventative maintenance with use and never get stuck with frozen pipes again!

our work in Central Maine

Our Work

Our team works in the Augusta and surrounding Central Maine areas. We bring hardworking and efficient services to all our clients near and far. Trust J.T Nelson for all your sewer and drain line needs!

Low Impact Excavation

We are expanding our exceptional services! J.T Nelson Sewer & Drain LLC now offers low impact excavation. Through many years in the industry, we discovered the need for discreet, low impact excavation. Want to learn more? Give us a call!

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JT Nelson has all the training, skills, and equipment needed for all your sewer and drain related needs. Repair and maintenance for sewer and drain issues for both commercial and residential jobs.