Basement Septic & Water Damage Cleanup

Water in Your Basement? We Can Fix That!

Covering More Bases

J.T. Nelson is always looking for ways to add value when you choose to use one of our many professional services. We’ve repaired thousands of home and business sewer and drain lines across the state, and we often wished there was more for us to do for customers with sewage cleanup. As the growth of our business continues, we’re able to do things that used to be out of reach. Most basements are filled with stuff because we use them as storage. After a rupture, major crack in your pipes, or a sewage backup in your basement, you can be left with a ton of damage from water or a less than pleasant substance. Our crew will come to you to remove any biohazards or sludge left behind from a pipe burst or backup before the professional cleaners arrive to finish the job. Our aim is to save you in sewage cleanup costs that typical professional cleaning services may not even provide. At J.T. Nelson, we get the job done right from start to finish.

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Cold Temperatures Beware

Winters in Maine can be brutal! With snow and below-freezing temperatures for months out of the year, we see our fair share of frozen and burst pipes. Not only an added stress to the holiday season, a sewage or drain pipe leak is unsafe for your family and customers. Let the J.T. Nelson crew be your complete service provider when a disaster strikes.

residential septic services

Services for Your Home

We've provided a laundry list of sewer and drain services to Maine communities proudly for years. In 2022 we are thrilled to announce low impact excavation and basement flood cleaning are added to our credentials! There's no one as prepared and dedicated to protecting and repairing your investment. Drainage problems can cause a bump in anyone's road, and J.T. Nelson is compassionate about your situation.

commercial septic services

Solving Commercial Problems

There is nothing we love more than walking away from a job well done! High-end jobs and the need for low impact excavation services go hand and hand. J.T. Nelson has the knowledge to use our state of the art equipment to its fullest potential. We keep your business operating by providing prompt and efficient services. See what our business can do for you!

sewer camera

Seeing Further Than Ever

At J.T. Nelson, we like to stay ahead of the game. We've advanced our arsenal of technology and added a sewer camera! This lit drain snake turned camera can be used to identify exactly how far down the drain the issue is. Our sewer camera services can also be used for preventative measures in hopes to save you money down the line.

our work in Central Maine

Projects for the Books

Our home base is in Sidney, Maine and we couldn't be prouder to say J.T. Nelson is Mainer owned and operated. We treat every customer like we've been doing business with them for years. Our crew of driven to serve workers ensure each project is completed to the same caliber as our personal homes! Read more things our customers say about their experiences with us.

Call us, Day or Night!

The universe doesn’t ask us permission to throw a wrench in our day, to say the least. A sewer emergency can happen to anyone at any time, we just don’t have a way of predicting it. Until society learns how to see the future, we recommend having our contact info saved to your fully charged phone in the event you experience one of these emergencies.