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What to Expect With Drain & Sewer Services

As a homeowner, you should know how helpful sewer and drain services can be for your plumbing system. It is normal to have clogged or leaky drains. However, when this occurs, you must hire reliable and professional services to help you resolve the issue.

InspectionProfessional sewer services in Central Maine

It is important to carry out a drain and sewer inspection to ensure that all the pipes in your house are functioning perfectly. You’ll feel safer knowing that there are no leaks that can cause severe damage to your home.

When you hire professional sewer and drain service companies, they will check every pipeline in your home to ensure they are working in peak condition. The professional service company would ensure they find the root of the problem.

Diagnosis and Estimate

Professional sewer services can help diagnose the status of your sewage system, the scope of the work needed, and give you an estimate after assessing the situation. The assessment done by the worker determines the estimate. 

After that, the professional drain and sewage company will check what they may need to buy to ensure that your sewer and drain are back in working order.

Preparing for the Work

After the estimate has been provided and you have given the go-ahead, the professional sewer service company will get all the materials they need for the job to be done properly. Their expert team would pick out the best method for the job ahead without you experiencing any troubles.

Since the job may get messy, the workers should have shoe coverings, clothes coverings, place down plastics and rag coverings in the area as well as take other necessary precautions. They would also get the necessary tools needed for the job. This depends on the type of clog you have.

Cleaning or Repairing Your Sewer and Drains

Sewer and drain services in Sidney, MECleaning your sewer and drains is important and the top method of choice for many providers of professional drain services is hydro-jetting. Generally, hydro-jetting is done by a professional using a special hose created for this task to shake down your drain. Hydro-jetting forces all the accumulated dirt and debris down the drain.

The service company would also run hot water through your pipes. In fact, the hot water is so hot that it can break down debris and blockages that might have been stuck in your sewer and drains.

Another method used by most drain and sewer service companies is the snake method. In short, the snake method involves using a snake line to draw out things clogged up in your pipes.

Final Walkthrough

During your final walkthrough, your sewer and drain technician should walk you through the work they did and inform you of any problems they encountered for future reference. You will be able to inspect the area and make sure everything is up to your expectations.

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Even if you aren’t actively experiencing sewer problems, don’t forget to brush up on maintenance tips for your sewer line. Preventive maintenance is always a good idea. That way you can maintain your sewers so small issues don’t turn into bigger problems.

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