You are currently viewing The Benefits of Basement Septic & Water Damage Cleanup

The Benefits of Basement Septic & Water Damage Cleanup

The Benefits of Basement Septic & Water Damage Cleanup

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Water in Your Basement?

Having sewage backup in basement is an absolute nightmare. From the loss of material items to the cost of repair, no one deserves the hassle that begins from the first discovery. Sewage cleanup is best left to the professionals. Assessing damage is actually not the first step in regaining your basement, it’s determining the sewage cleanup cost. Some estimates are probably going to take you back a bit. The biohazard itself is not worth risking your family’s health in attempting to do this one alone.

J.T Nelson is Here to HelpSewage cleanup

Finding a reputable company to trust inside of your home with your family and personal affects is a big deal. It may just be performing a service to some, but to so many the mere idea of strangers entering their home triggers a worry. In order to get in front of the most eyes, your business needs to have some legitimacy and boast integrity. Sewer and drain work can certainly be dirty, nobody wants their cleanup crew to be. JT Nelson has been around the game long enough for Mainers to know we can be trusted to get the job done right and only go above and beyond when it comes to service.

Don’t Wait

When a sewage backup happens or a line bursts in a commercial business or a large apartment complex, it’s often not noticed until an employee has a reason to access the basement. This delayed response time typically allows for massive amounts of waste and waste water to flood and fill the area. Explaining the wide array of things that get flushed into septic systems could be a book on it’s own. The biggest concern of the cleanup crew from the jump is safety. With communicable diseases, foreign objects and unpredictable finds, personal protective equipment (or PPE) should always be worn to ensure no skin contact occurs.

Water in basementBasement Sewage Cleanup Made Easy

Paper, trash, wipe buildup: it all has to go somewhere and you’d need a pretty massive shop vac to tackle the job yourself. Heavy, industrial pumps and equipment are what makes the cleanup possible. No septic system can withstand neglect or the test of time. It’s a messy cleanup meant for pros and requires a ton of disposal. For us at JT Nelson, we handle the thick of it before a specialized team handles the remainder of the mess.

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Aside from sewage waste, regular clean water floods happen daily. With regular age and harsh Maine weather, it’s no wonder homeowners see flooded basements more often than anywhere else in the U.S. There are still steps to ensure the cleanup is throughout to prevent mold and mildew from forming and contaminating the air in your home. The safety and well-being of your family is the top priority. Trust JT Nelson for your complete basement flood restoration and reclaim your safe living space!